Let’s face it, fashionable folk are thin. Designers do not, generally, fashion clothes for fat people. New fashions are usually sleek and sexy, not lumpy and frumpy. What then, do these skinny fashion statements eat? I like to call them ‘stick insects’, especially the women who do yoga and whose bones stick out like the exoskeleton of a Praying Mantis. What do these stick insects eat, when they are not doing yoga and Pilates? Unlike the earlier generations of fashion models and wannabe actresses they do not live on caffeine and cigarettes.

Stick Insect Dishes: Food for Fashionable Folks

No, these super slim gals are just a wheatgrass juice away from starvation, but in their own minds extremely healthy. A salad of raw crunchy crudités is a serious repast for those with the jutting pelvic bones, just above the pubis. Permanently ensconced in tights and Lycra, they stretch and breathe most moments into infinity. What other stick insect dishes; food for fashionable folks is on their daily menu? It would be wrong to speak of a diet, because it is the last thing on their mind. In their fat free world, the moon is not made of cheese, because they are definitely vegan.

When froths were cool in molecular kitchens, these gals could go a froth or two on a big white plate. Actually, having the right kind of kitchen is de rigour, if you are going to succeed as a stick insect. Plenty of bench space, where you can prep your organic salads and homegrown wheat grass. If you are on the raw food diet, you need a bloody big blender and juicer. Did you know that you can make a raw food lasagne? With no pasta, of course, just raw veggies cut or processed in different ways to make layers of textured veg in a dish. can transform your kitchen into a temple for the preparation of raw food dishes. Imagine all the space you will have, because you don’t require any large appliances that actually cook anything. Of course, you will need a massive sized refrigerator to store all your super fresh ingredients. One of those stainless steel double door beauties, that you can catch your super skinny reflection in. Check out those jutting bones and tiny breasts. Stick insect dishes: food for fashionable folks are best catered for in a dream kitchen. Where you can chop and stretch, mix and bend, stir and shimmy, whizz and whirl… to your heart’s content!