Top music is what we here at Busmatic Music Lists at are all about. Taking the top music and ranking that in our innovative and inspired top ten lists. Whether you are into Pavarotti or Bruno Mars? Michael Jackson or Lil Wayne? Johnny Cash or 50 Cent? Madonna or Sia? We cover them all, in glory and in garbage, depending on the circumstance and criteria. It’s like when you take the dance floor, and in front of everyone, split your pants, revealing your recreational equipment. Popstars and artists have their moments too, when the dark side of life descends upon their aura to put them in the shade.

Top Music

Sometimes, it takes some top music to get you out of that funk. To release you from the black dog barking inside your soul. We all love music, it moves us to tears, and entices us to find love and happiness in crowded bars. What are the top ten anti-depression songs of all time? Discover them at Busmatic Music Lists at When you need some inspiration, or just a gentle reminder, you will find all the top music data here online. All the grooves and all the moves that make Jack and Jill happy campers.

Making love under the stars with your new best friend is even better when accompanied by some top music. Bump and grind little lady, dig deeper for that gold Mister Goodbar; and come on let’s get it on. Did I tell you the one about the mastiff that walks into a bar? Do you have anything for sore paws, he asks the barman? Soak them in one part gin, one part vermouth and two parts whisky, says the barman. Only Busmatic Music Lists at can help with the necessary details for complete mastery of the trivial, but essential musical world.

You go to a party and they are playing crap music, what do you do? Do you leave in a hurry? Do you make a scene and demand some top music? Busmatic Music Lists at can provide the objective data and portal to settle uncomfortable situations such as these. Available on smart phones and tablets at the touch of a screen. Reach out with the top ten party hits of all time. Shower your fellow guests with the top five get your mojo on the dance floor tunes of the last twenty years. Top music is the diet to die for.