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A trip to the dentist would not be the same without our waiting room news, which contains all the sauce you will need to titillate your back teeth. Salivate at more music industry gossip than you can poke a stick at. Trivia nights may become your forte with Busmatic Music Lists backing you up. Talking of backing up a few shapely starlets, don’t miss our must see most embarrassing moments for sexy singers. Mudslinging should be an Olympic sport and join us in lobbying the Olympic committee to get that on the agenda. Think about us when you think about popular music, fashion and exciting new trends.

Why do popstars attract so much attention? What is it about some good looking, youthful individual wearing outlandish clothes and a hairstyle fresh out of some very freaky imagination, that stirs our pot? Whether it be rap or sticky boy band shtick, they send a leg opening message to all the girls. Poetry put to a cheerful tune, truisms and clichés embedded in harmonies, these are the sounds that stimulate pubescent awakenings of the hormonal kind. Music makes the world go around in the most extraordinary way.

Whatever your taste in music, we have the sauce to lubricate your day. Busmatic Music Lists keep you informed, entertained and, occasionally, inspired. The sounds of your youth become the sounds of yesterday, the sounds of today become your children’s sounds; it is a never-ending cycle, much like the seasons of the earth. We have the top ten hits to plant your crops in spring. The top five fantastic feel-good albums to make minestrone to. The Top of the Pops, MTV, Countdown, Billboard, all-time terrific songs to see in the New Year with. Music lists are an essential part of the modern urban world in the twenty first century; Busmatic Music Lists is the crème de la crème.