Popular bands today get a huge number of fans who follows their every move on a regular day to day basis.  Bands capitalize on their huge success by setting up gigs and concerts from time to time. Aside from selling their album they can also share a few merchandise to help fans feel much closer to them. Let us look at some cool merchandise that fans of certain pop bands can buy in the present.


T-shirts are considered to be one of the most popular merchandise fans can buy today and for a number of reasons. First off, t-shirts offer practical use as they can be worn by just about anyone on a regular day to day basis. T-shirts can also be printed with different designs such as band group pics, logos and the likes. Furthermore, pop bands oftentimes sign these shirts by themselves making them feel more authentic and unique to its owners

Printed Caps

Another popular item that is added into the mix of cool stuff fans can buy are the printed caps. These caps go quite well with a lot of styles making them great as every wear while offering protection from the heat of the sun.


You can’t truly call yourselves a fan if you don’t have your favorite band posters setup and placed in your wall. Posters a considered to be the quintessential merchandise every true fan should own. These posters offer different designs making them fun to collect and have them posted in your room.


Pop band figures have been growing in popularity in this present day and age. Back then, figure only come from films, comic book and video game characters. However, today pop band figures have become of the hottest items fans can own today. Their models even come with its own set of clothing making them quite flexible to dress up with. Fans can purchase these figures individually or by set and then have them placed in display cabinet for collection purpose.


Bracelets work as for those who want a subtler approach in supporting their favorite pop bands. These items while not overly huge, will be able to attract the attention of fellow fans. As a result, it can be a good way to start a conversation with others who share the same interest. Bracelets are also easy to carry around with while at the same time offer a huge amount of flexibility with the designs and color options it offers.

As you can see there is indeed a lot of cool stuff fans can buy for their favorite pop group in 2016. It should be noted that almost any piece of item that allows printing can be turned into a band merchandise which can be sold to fans. This is the reason why while not very common, there are items such as coffee mugs, tumblers and drinking bottles that are also sold as band merchandise as well. The same can also be said with regards to umbrellas, jackets and even pens being sold today.

In order to make these merchandise, you will need to a trusted and reliable supplier that is able to manufacture the items you wish to share to your fans. Click here to find out how you can turn regular items into wonderful merchandise.